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Are you in need of a commercial roofers west Sussex service that includes installation using the best in materials and accuracy? Here at NJS Group we use a workforce of over 200 employees in every area of roofing and ensure that our staff is trained to the highest standard.

The leading West Sussex commercial roofers

As a company we provide a host of different service across the board, fromCommercial roofers West Sussex
brickwork, scaffolding and roofing developments and exceed the industry standard when delivering our exceptional facilities.

Our entire workforce is trained to the highest standard and we regularly encourage on-going learning and qualifications in order to make our craftsmen’s the best commercial roofers West Sussex. We ensure that our teams are able to apply their fantastic work to a wide range of clients and can adhere to any specific requirements you may have for our West Sussex commercial roofers.

We are dedicated to providing a high quality standard to all business areas of commercial roofing and are able to offer solutions to any commercial site. When you decided to use our commercial roofer West Sussex service you can guarantee that you will receive a fair competitive price as well as a time efficient installation.

Additional information on commercial roofers West Sussex

No matter the size of the project, our skilled workmen are able to offer an
inclusive service that includes all stages of the commercial roofers West Sussex process. We are currently running a project where our West Sussex commercial roofers have successfully completed over 150 roofs, with the potential for another 50 to be completed.

Our versatile handymen have delivered their work as commercial roofers West Sussex to a variety of client requests, such as major works to:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Factories

Aside from our first class service to new roofing installations, our West Sussex commercial roofers also provide a specialist refurbishment service, which can range from lead to restoration work.

We use a team with years of experience behind them who take the time and effort to ensure that all aspects of your commercial roofer West Sussex services are delivered to an exceptional standard. Our teams are happy to provide references from current and former customers to give you added piece of mind that you are in the right hands.

The comprehensive West Sussex commercial roofers services that you can receive with us consist of roof repair work, lead work, providing roof inspection reports, insurance work and more.

Why choose NJS Group for your commercial roofers West Sussex needs?

We are skilled in all areas of this industry and provide work to a variety of differing business streams in the field. We have recently made a bold expansion to Australia and now provide our excellent services in Queensland. Our highly qualified teams are sent to work at locations to span the vast country, proving that as a business we hold no boundaries for expansion.

One of our major restoration projects includes the City and County works at King Edward V11 hospital. Only a company with such a reputable reputation as ours would be trusted to undertake such a commercial roofers West Sussex task. All of our roofers are continually trained and mentored to ensure that you receive only the very best West Sussex commercial roofers service possible.


Some of the brilliant work that our West Sussex commercial roofers have supplied has been stored for you to see in our portfolio.

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